How to Avoid Email Phishing Scams 
    ​and Strengthen Cybersecurity


Are your emails safe?

>91% of cyber security data breaches entry point is from email.

>95% of data breaches are caused by employee mistakes.

In today’s fast paced work environments employees let down their guard for the sake of keeping up with workloads. 

Rushing to get more done, people make the mistake of opening the wrong email or clicking on a malicious link.

Criminals can easily trick people.

We’ll guide you during this webinar and show you how to protect sensitive information, 

and your people, from unwanted and malicious email threats.

We will be talking about how to protect your organization from:

·  Malicious email links and files

·  Ransomware, phishing and other threats that come in through email

·  Advanced URL website protection that outsmarts attackers

·  How to block stealthy, delayed attacks


How to Avoid Email Phishing Scams ​and Security Threats

Attackers are sneaky and delay the upload of malware to websites until after the email is delivered. Learn how to protect employees from malicious website links, by outsmarting attackers with Time-of Click that checks website reputation before delivery and at the time you click – blocking stealthy, delayed attacks.

Trust Your Inbox Again

You maybe diligent at recognizing typical phishing emails, but criminals are constantly developing creative ways to trick you. We'll show you how phishing imposter defense uses a combination of authentication techniques, header anomaly analysis, as well as display name and lookalike domain checks. This allows and permits legitimate emails while blocking imposters – so you can trust your inbox again.

We'll empower your entire organization to work from anywhere and eliminate 

the worry of ransomware, malware and phishing emails.

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Duration: 60 minutes

You will Learn

  • How you can stop worrying about phishing emails
  • How phishing emails and malicious links are blocked
  • How to protect your people from Scams, Ransomware, Phishing, and other Threats
  • How to protect email and your data systems from employee mistakes and sneaky cyber scammers

Who is This For?

This event is for anyone that wants to understand emails threats and learn how to avoid a cyber security catastrophe.

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Miguel Ribeiro 

Cyber Security & Business Continuity Expert

Miguel Ribeiro founded VBS IT Services in 2007 and has been leading a "can do attitude" of remote employees since. When Miguel first started in IT in 1998, he learned a tough lesson when a month's data was lost after experiencing data corruption due to a virus that took 3 months to recover from. The experience left painful scars of a slow and challenging recovery, with lost revenue. Miguel made it a personal mission to learn how to protect his business and his clients with the best business continuity strategies and solutions. His mission has evolved over the years to include cyber security protection and employee training awareness programs to create the Human Firewall.


Melanie Watson 

Channel Account Manager

Business Development Professional with proven success in connecting clients and partners with solutions designed to meet their specific goals and challenges.


Benjamin Su 
Sales Engineer

​Cyber security solution
architect. Benjamin helps customers understand how technology protects organizations from cyber security threats.  

Cybersecurity Risks

You’ve heard the horror stories about ongoing cyber attacks in the news. The media has specific requirements in order to publish a newsworthy story and small businesses stories are typically not newsworthy. As a result the business owners feel that cyber breaches only happen to large corporations, but this is far from the truth.

Why do 71% of data breaches happen to small businesses?

Cyber security attacks are at an all time high due to employees working from less secure home networks since the COVID pandemic. Data breaches cost a business significant money, loss of productivity, loss of confidential information, and the trust of their customers. Breaches are very disruptive, and most business owners do not know what to do in the event of a breach.